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Coach With Julia

Born out of my love for contemporary mix/belt technique, pop performance and my career in modern musicals, I developed Coach With Julia as a way to share everything I've learned about the mix belt and how to sustain it healthily. 

Over the years, I’ve cultivated techniques that have kept me healthy and doing what I love through countless shows, gruelling schedules, sickness and an ever increasing demand on the contemporary voice.  I’ve developed a huge passion for teaching others how to tell stories with a bold, expressive and healthy belt.

All coachings during Covid will take place over zoom. 

Check out my services below, see what folks are saying about CWJ, and lets get to work! 

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Haley Balaz

“Working with Julia has been an absolute dream! In just 5 lessons together (so far) she has released my belt sound, extended what I though was my belt range by two tones and taught me techniques that will carry me through the rest of my career. Her approach is positive, straightforward and so easy to implicate in my own practice. I could not recommend working with her more!”


Laura Welch

“Julia McLellan is the most gifted singing teacher I have ever worked with. I have been taking singing lessons for over 14 years and I have never made strides so quickly in my technique, musicality, or confidence. I believe Julia’s singing pedagogy is part of a new frontier of artistic training. The safety Julia creates (even in a digital space) to explore my authentic sounds feels like a revelation. Because of her own level of mastery, she is able to easily relate concepts, alignments and artistry very tangibly and clearly."


Robyn Esson

“I have been singing for years, but never truly found my voice until working with Julia. With many vocal injuries and bad habits, signing was felt like a chore for me every time I opened my mouth. After just two sessions with Julia I was singing with no pain and my range/ confidence increased drastically. I have learnt more about my voice and how to use it properly in 10 sessions with Julia than I have in 10 years of training."

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