Julia McLellan's Persephone had just the right amount of spunk and spirited rebelliousness, with a great big voice that reaches the heavens.

Broadway World


...she steals the stage in every appearance of “Newsies” with dance moves, a glorious singing voice, and natural dramatic presence.

The Beat Magazine


"...Annabel Glick, played by Julia McLellan, a rising young star with stunning vocals."

The Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton, ON

"Julia McLellan stepped in [for Lauren] on opening night and she made it look as though the part is hers alone. She was goofy and beguiling."

Broadway In Tucson

Tucson, AZ

"For comedy, it’s hard to beat Julia McLellan as Val – a dancer who gets plastic surgery after discovering that she has been judged as Dance: Ten; Looks: Three. Her number about her enhancements brings down the house, upending sexist expectations by satirically embracing them."

The Globe And Mail

Toronto, ONT

"The standout amongst these is “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three,” in which the previously plain Val (Julia McLellan) vivaciously recounts how she improved her career and sexual prospects by buying herself “tits and ass” from a plastic surgeon. In a brilliantly self-aware performance McLellan delivers this sexist material while commenting ironically on it: she sees the patriarchy for what it is and is beating it at its own game. McLellan is (pardon the expression) the full package: a great singer, dancer and actor who justly earned the biggest cheer from the opening-night crowd."

Toronto Star

Toronto, ONT

"Julia McLellan makes a memorable Stratford debut as Val, performing Dance: Ten, Looks: Three, which has the audience howling and roaring with approval."

Stratford Beacon Herald

Stratford, ONT

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November 8, 2015

Truro native picks up role in Stratford production of Broadway musical


TRURO - From the CEC stage to the hallowed Stratford Festival’s spotlight, Julia McLellan is ready to take on a beloved Broadway musical.


McLellan, 24, has been cast as Val in Stratford, Ont.’s 2016...

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